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What equipment is needed to play Lifeball?

Players:  The official Lifeball team consists of six (6) players but Lifeball can be played with extra players (by substituting) or with fewer by modifying the game.  This is explained in the training manual.

Venue/Court: Lifeball is designed to be played on any flat surface such as a basketball, netball, or tennis court.  The Lifeball court is divided into three equal sections.  The dimensions of which are explained in the training manual.

Goal Posts: The Lifeball goal posts have been specifically designed to meet the needs of our players. They are light weight and come apart for easy transport. More details about the specially designed Lifeball goal posts can be found in the training manual.
Click here for an order form for your custom made goal posts.

Ball: The official ball for Lifeball is the number 4 (junior) netball, but an indoor soccer ball is also ideal. These can be purchased from Community Fitness Australia.

Bibs: Bibs are worn by all Lifeball players to aid in the identification of team mates.  They are numbered one to six on both the front and the back.  Each team on the court should have different colour.  Additionally a sash should be worn by the Rover.  The details of the bibs and sash are explained in the training manual. These can be made locally or ordered via the Lifeball Master Trainer.  Click here to order your bibs and sashes.

Whistle: The Umpire must have a whistle to be used to start and stop the game.  These can be purchased from your local sports store.

Clock/Watch: A time keeper (or the Umpire) should keep track of the time for the game of Lifeball.

Comfortable Clothing: It’s important to dress appropriately for Lifeball so that you can move freely and so that you can maintain a comfortable body temperature.  A tracksuit is ideal with a layer that can be removed when you have warmed up. Remember to wear a hat and sunscreen if playing outdoors. Sensible, flat soled, well fitting shoes are best for Lifeball particularly those with a firm stable heel and a textured sole for grip. Also most indoor venues have a white-soled shoe policy so check with the local Lifeball leader. Hydration is very important, especially when being physically active.  We encourage all players to bring a water bottle to their Lifeball game.