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Start a Lifeball Team

Start a Team

How can I set up a new Lifeball group?

To establish Lifeball you have some different options.

Option 1 - You can purchase the Lifeball pack

Consisting of a Training Manual, Training DVD, Promotional DVD, Rule Book and Resources CD. For people who have had some experience in starting activities, or been involved in sport or the teaching of games, this could be enough to get started.

Option 2 - Establishing Lifeball Workshop

(gains KINECT 6 PDP points for Fitness Professionals) This essential two day workshop includes everything you need to know about establishing and maintaining a Lifeball group, including administration, insurance, standards, game rules, and promotion.  It also includes a practical session to better understand the game and a planning session specific to your area. This training is provided by the Lifeball Master TrainersColleen Wilson-Lord OAM, co-founder of the game, and Dr Brian Lord, the designer of the rules and writer of the Training Manual. During the training, both trainers assess and ensure that the game adheres to its principles of fun, safety, and inclusion

Option 3 - Come and Try Day

Conducted by the Master Trainers, a ‘Come and Try’ day offers the host organization and interested community members an opportunity to have plenty of fun playing the game Lifeball whilst also gaining an understanding of the game rules and its philosophy.   An outcome of the ‘Come and Try’ day is to gain commitment from participants to come back to play a Lifeball game the following week and establish a Lifeball group.

Option 4 - Coach and Umpire Training

Important for safety and insurance purposes, the Master Trainers conduct a Coach and Umpire Training session approximately 6-10 weeks following the initial ‘Come and Try’ day.

Option 5 - In Service

A two hour workshop for school teachers wanting to establish Lifeball into their school’s physical activity program. A special manual has been designed with lesson plans to support the introduction of the game to pupils.

If you would like to establish a new group contact the Lifeball Master Trainer for more details.