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Lifeball Resources


 Lifeball Resources:Price List:
How to Establish Lifeball Pack
Includes Training Manual, Training / Promotional DVD and Rule Book.
$101.75 Incl. GST
Rule Books 
An essential for every Lifeball player.  Written in an easy to read format this little 18 page colour booklet explains exactly how to play the game.
$5.50 ea Incl. GST
Goal Posts
Dismantleable, white powder coated, strong and lightweight.
$434.50 Incl. GST
Official Bibs
12 Bibs (6 red and 6 yellow) and 2 Rover Sashes
$132.00 Incl. GST
Solid Foam Ball
Recommended (same size as junior netball) great for new players.
$25.00 Incl. GST

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